a study of three bars in Brooklyn elliot

A Study of Three Bars in Brooklyn

Poet: Ally Chua

South Bar, Park Slope. 

Here where it began, I suppose

and almost ended. 

Thank God for your drunk dial

And that I didn’t ignore it.


Sharlene’s, too crowded and noisy. 

I bought you a drink, and then,

your existential horror. Well, 

I can’t solve your problems

but I can give you head. And

for a while that will be okay.


North Pole, Bergen Street.

Brick walls, 90s old-school rap

You say I don’t listen to you. 

Well, true. 


Half the time I’m trying

to touch you or sneak in

a headbutt of a kiss.


The first time we met, you said 

you could show me Brooklyn,

places only a local would know.


I have seen 

your ceiling, on my back.

Your couch.

Your shower tiles.

You, you, you all this time. 

Ally Chua is a Singaporean poet. She works for a botanical attraction, and writes when she's not replying to emails within seven working days. She is the 2019 Singapore Unbound Fellow for New York City, and a member of local writing collective /s@ber. Ally has been published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Cordite Poetry Review, and Lammergeier Magazine. More info can be found on www.ally-chua.com