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Can Crows Kiss?

Poet: Paul Jones

A wild wind 

asked me this.

A whisper,

almost hissed


each hard C, 

the clack of

beak on beak,

misheard as

cheek to cheek.

But two caws

came later:

wove a braid

of rising

sharp music

that can pass

for the tune

two crows sing


on the wing.

Paul Jones published in Poetry, 2Rivers, Red Fez, and others and in anthologies including Best American Erotic Poems. 

Recently, his poems were nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and two Best of the Web Award. 

His chapbook is What the Welsh and Chinese Have in Common. 

A manuscript of poems landed on the moon's surface April 11, 2019.

@smalljones on most social media