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Housewarming party

Poet: Sandra Noel

Next     door’s      pristine     garden   is    choked with

surgeons  and politics.  I think of  Yvonne telling me

how men  in  suits  send her  running. Hubbie peers

over  the  fence,  decides their  lawn   won’t  survive

that  many  heels.  He  reckons  the  woman in blue

will get  her sparkle stilettos  stuck  down the mole

hole, it   tunnelled   under  our    fence  last night to

escape the ten bulbs of garlic he shoved in the soil. 

It’s dusk  when the  music dies. Tittering  peters out.

Our child takes  off the too large headphones, says

next door’s happy is too loud.

Sandra Noel is a poet from Jersey, Channel Islands.  She enjoys finding new ways to write about the everyday. Sandra’s poems appear in The Phare, Strix, Prole, Flights, Black Nore, Yaffle, Indigo Dreams, Ekphrastic Review, The Lake, Guernsey Bus and others. She has poems longlisted, shortlisted and highly commended in competitions during 2023. Her first collection ‘Into The Under’ published by Yaffle’s Nest, Yaffle Press is launching in the summer of 2024.

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