I've Always Known (The Names of Colours)

Poet: Sally Delancy

It wasn’t the colour of tulips 

littered along the jogging trail

their gangly bodies acquiescing to the wind.


Or the jumbo-sized crayon 

our 3-year-old son matched

to the drawings of a fire truck,


eager scrawls slipping 

much too far beyond the lines.


It wasn’t the colour of strawberries 

nestled behind the patio – one more week 

before they’re bred to wine.


Yet, like the signs that read, “Danger Ahead!”

when the middle of 10th & Park 

caved into itself


& the poppy stains engraved on pinstripes –

when I’ve always worn

matte shades of pink.



Sally Delancy was born in Trinidad and is a member of the Circle of Poets of Trinidad and Tobago. Her poems have appeared in The Australia Times Poetry Magazine, Writers' Morning Out, Rise Up Review, Rigorous Magazine and The Wild Word magazine. Her passion lies in writing poetry and to accomplish this, she draws her inspiration from the world around her.