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Poet: Theresa Wyatt

High winds rattle fence boards loose,          

the sound no longer faint like August.

And birds? The birds have all 

taken the train.


Yet you stay and come to me 

as draft through windows – or  

the singular knocking branch.


Sleeping, you rest inside

thin clouds, losing hair

I find on sweaters.


What of this day and night?

My heart’s blown open – cleared  

for any agent or channel – however        

you wish to reach me now.

Theresa Wyatt is the author of Hurled Into Gettysburg (BlazeVox Books, 2018). Her work has been published in New Flash Fiction Review, New Micro (W.W. Norton, 2018), Spillway, Still You (Wolf Ridge Press, 2020)), The Ekphrasis Review, and the Medical Literary Messenger. Theresa will make her eighth appearance shortly in The Healing Muse Journal (Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY). She resides near Buffalo, New York. An interview with the author can be found at