Poet: Steven John

Why can’t I feel your same blood in my veins?

Why can’t I scoop you up, swing you in the air,

sit you on my knee, magic a shiny new penny

from behind your spellbound ear?

I spy you through a shut window, blowing bubbles,

eavesdrop you through thick stone walls, singing.

When you run to the swing, I wave from the bench.

When you arrange your paints on the kitchen table

there’s an empty space for the missing colour.

‘Hide and seek!’ you call, and find me

sheltering, awkward, grasping a closed book.

Steven John’s short stories, flash fiction and poetry have been published in many online literary magazines and print anthologies. His microfiction appeared in Best Microfiction 2019 and 2020, he’s won the weekly Ad Hoc Fiction a record seven times and he’s proud to have read at the prestigious Stroud Short Stories on four occasions. He served as Senior Flash Fiction and Special Features Editor at New Flash Fiction Review from 2018-20. Steven can be found at www.stevenjohnwriter.com and on Twitter @stevenjohnwrite