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Holy Week in the Big Apple

Alexis Rotella

Just as I step outside the subway the gold wrapped package I’ve been carrying in my knapsack for days is grabbed from behind.


That guy ripped off my bag my bag my bag.


Two young Latinos run after the thief but he’s way too fast when out of the din a deep

voice from a homeless man bellows “Let it go, Dude. It’s just baggage.”


                                                  At the bar

                                                  each person

                                                  sits alone

A former contributor to The Phare, Alexis Rotella is an American poet, editor, artist, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, and student of Chinese and energy medicine. She is author/editor of 40 books mostly related to Japanese poetry forms in English. She served as President of the Haiku Society of America, and editor of its house organ Frogpond (1984), and honorary curator of the American Haiku Archive. Rotella is founder and editor of several leading journals. Her mobile phone art has been exhibited internationally. Resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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