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What if it were me?

Poet: Catherine Coundjeris

What if it were me?

Out there fleeing for my life?

All my world in a backpack.

Pictures out of their frames.

Medicine out of their bottles.

I must make room.

I only have the strength to carry

one back pack

through the storm of fire and ash.

Underwear and socks

hat and gloves

and a change of clothes.

But also, the little 3-inch gnome

my brother gave me.

Thumb drive with my books

and poetry.

The iPad and my phone.

Wallet and what else,

What else from my life

Do I pack in a bag?

Never again to see my space

Where all my belongings


Toothbrush and soap

dare I bring my makeup?

The gold necklace my nana gave to me

The jade earrings from Mom and Dad.

My school rings.

is there room?

Or should I opt for water and power bars?

Belief makes you righteous.

I must believe that I will

find what I need elsewhere.

All my life in a backpack…

What if it were me?

Catherine’s poetry is published in literary magazines, including,Bombfire, Paper Dragons, Kaleidoscope, North of Oxford, Halcyon Days, Shift, Blue Moon, Jalmurra, Calla Press, Cholla Needles, Last Leaves, Heart from Nostalgia Press, Bewildering Stories, The Raven Review, Open Door Magazine, Stone Hill Journal, Honeyguide, Loud Coffee Press, andMoss Puppy Magazine.  She also has stories published inProemandQuail Bell. Catherine is very passionate about adult literacy. 

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