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Moment While Listening to Chopin

Sheila Roe

And then I am back in Bellagio, sitting by the lake and you beside me. My gaze traces the geography of your face, your hands, the ease of your body in the chair, and when you look at me, and I look at you, it is a feeling of total one-ness, and the moon and the stars and the scents of Bouganvillea and Eucalyptus, and the sounds of water lapping against the jetty, and the boatman’s distant Donizetti aria are as one, and we are as one, and we may have been young with our lives stretched before us, or we may have been old, you greying, thinning a little, me plumper, more stiff, but it doesn’t matter, as time doesn’t matter, and in the end it’s all moments...

Shiela Roe has been writing poems for more than thirty years. She has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Bolton University, and her special interest is in American women’s poetry.

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