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Poet: Jenny Bates

your touch a single raindrop

on my skin

I make into a watering

hole for

tongues of Lion

sips of Frog

herds of Elephant

to wallow in

full of dung and green and

Lungfish mud

my feet not quite feet

on the ground

my hands not quite hands

leaden and earthbound

I practice the sound

that covering sound

as I surface afresh

echoing intake hush

the rush of my first breath. 

Jenny Bates, seven poetry books, published in numerous NC and international journals. Presented at the 2023 Ecopoetics and Environmental Aesthetics Conference, London. Jenny was a judge for the Poetry in Plain Sight contest through the NC Poetry Society, 2024.  Her book of poems, ESSENTIAL, Redhawk Publications 2023 has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2024. Her newest collection, From Soil and Soul is available through Redhawk Publications.

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