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Poet: Kim Baker

I know it’s there.

Not far off

beyond concrete lines -

roof heights, skylights -

jigsaw windows

jutting for praise.

If I could fly over -

soar red flutes,

chimney pots -

I would meet it.

Weary cargo in port,

pleasure boats,

beached ships for diners

feeding gulls off decks

where trendy types

flock at night,

deserted now in rain.

I love the sense

of storm approaching -

pin pricks on face

connect me with

the body of water

flowing beneath.

Vapour breath

from steamy lips

flood the memory

with miracles.

Then I remember

I am still here -

trapped behind voile,

glass and steel.

Eager to be walking

the weather elements.

Kim Baker, a professional actor from Stroud, started writing poetry in 2016, now addicted. Nature is her biggest inspiration. Poems have appeared in International Times, Graffiti, Cheltenham Poetry Cafe Anthology, The Exmoor Poetry Boxes (Fly Catcher Press) and two of the Stroud Poets series by Yew Tree Press. In 2017 her first pamphlet The Lavinia Tree was published by Chrysalis Poetry. 2020 sees a delayed launch of Happy land, a collection about her father's childhood.