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The Performers
Lynn Mundell

Our family was a band of circus performers, everyone jumping through hoops, craving the spotlight; the women in spangled costumes dangling high above it all, holding the rope between their teeth, threatening to break; the men, their heads in lions’ mouths held open by other men, no one roaring that something must surely snap; only the children moving forward, foolishly balancing on the backs of galloping horses, flying through the air and assuming to be caught, steering clown cars, tooting their own horns; going, yes, but in a circle, aware their audience had departed only by the absence of applause.

Lynn Mundell is editor of Centaur and co-founder of 100 Word Story. Her writing has been published in Booth, Five Points, Tin House, Wigleaf, Best Microfiction, a W.W. Norton Anthology, and elsewhere. Lynn’s chapbook Let Our Bodies Be Returned to Us was published by Yemassee in 2022. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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