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View From Here

Poet: Aaron Sandberg

When on some freeway,

the hood unlatched,

flattening against the shield

to rob my view—


who could keep listening

to that unfallen angel

on one shoulder

make her measured case


to brake at this point

on this earth,

itself speeding blindly

into its own dark?


Tell me, please—

what other way was there

but to lean in, laugh,

and step harder on the gas?

Aaron Sandberg resides in America where he teaches. His recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Sporklet, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Abridged, Unbroken, The Racket, Writers Resist, Neologism, Yes Poetry, perhappened mag, and elsewhere. You might find him—though socially-distant—on Instagram @aarondsandberg.