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after Circuitry by Anthony Anaxagorou

Poet: Jason Conway

Come    the   start   of     May   I    hoped         the     buzz    would   recede   in my ears.

electricity    in      the    walls      whirring          

singing    to   static.     this    void    hones 

reception   to   join the shipping forecast.     

a     boat   tugged    along   the    current         as   drums   beat   and    sparks    fire in         this motionless state. body submerged       by   cotton   ripples.   Mosquitos   swarm   

from   sockets  in symphonic  resonance     

as waves drown neural networks.


Outside   noise   there  is  always  noise.        

my   brain  hyper   processes. a needle         to   vinyl.  dark    noise   plays     nightly.           a satellite discovering inaudible signals.      

if   genetics    carry    code    in   strings            my   father   punched   the   holes in his

son's  piano  roll.  each  negative   space

registers   pitch.   behind    these     eyes        

walls   are   violins  playing   devilry    to

a   high-functioning   vessel. over-tuned.    

who must forgive his godless ears.

Jason Conway is a professional daydreamer, director of the Gloucestershire Poetry Society and editor of Steel Jackdaw magazine. His poetry is published in Poetry Bus, The Poetry Village, Impspired, Wildfire Words, Dreich, Fevers of the Mind, Ink Sweat and Tears, and on BBC Upload. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, and is an Arts Council funded poet.

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