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Feedback & Edits - open all year round

One-to-One Writer’s Workshop

£35 to include online meeting and written feedback

Whether you’re writing, flash fiction, short stories or a novel – a trusted beta-reader is an invaluable asset. Send us your work, up 5000 words  and we’ll schedule an online workshop to talk things through. After the workshop you’ll receive an email with both general comments and line edits. (Online workshop typically 30 minutes). If you’d like to schedule a series of workshops (in the case of longer work) – we’d be happy to discuss a rate.

Senior Editor’s line edits 

£25 per short fiction up to 2000 words     

This will consist of a line by line edit using MS Word ‘review’ in a reviewing pane. We will comment thoroughly on all aspects of your piece including some copy editing. Edits will be sent back to you by email. Please allow 21 days for our response. Please note: If you intend to submit your edited work to The Phare, you will still need to go through the submission process. Positive feedback is not a guarantee of acceptance. 

Senior Editor’s General Feedback

£20 per short fiction (up to 2000 words)   

This will consist of a general overview and comments from one of The Phare’s senior editors. We will be honest and supportive – offering our considered and experienced opinion on where things worked, and where you might consider revision. We will send our Overview Comments in an email within 21 days of receipt of your work. This is for writers who wish for general feedback outside of our submission window. 

How To Send Us Your Work

Pay for the service you require by clicking on the relevant item from the drop down menu below. Once you receive your confirmation email from PayPal, email us at with your work and a note of your PayPal reference number.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can log in as a guest.

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