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Disappearing Act

Poet: Belinda Rimmer

A slow morning,

scattering seeds and weeding.


Next door, a builder is singing

along to the Bee Gees


and blotting out the hill brick by brick.

Sometimes it can be enough


to watch dragonflies and pigeons

going head-to-head, but today it breaks me –


the disappearing hill.

I close my eyes and picture a shivering river.


The radio fades to playground chatter.

Suddenly spooked, the pigeons fly off.


It seems everything is leaving. But the roses

are hanging on, stubbornly demanding that I look.

Belinda is a writer of poetry and flash fiction. She is published in magazines, including, Under the Radar, Mslexia, Acumen, Confingo, Strix and Popshot. In 2018, she came second in the Ambit Poetry Competition, and the following year in the Stanza Poetry Competition. Her pamphlet, Touching Sharks in Monaco, was a joint winner of the Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition (published, 2019). Her most recent pamphlet, Holding On, came out in November 2021 with New Walk Editions.

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