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I sit in the café, type a long text

Sandra Noel

I’ve been thinking about you and your mum and her plane back tomorrow.  The red gale warning on my Facebook. If only Eunice eases off so she can leave.  If her flight’s cancelled, I worry about you.  If she’s still sleeping at yours tomorrow, how many times will you have killed her in your head?  I remember her Aldi bread bags, how she brought 122 in her suitcase, filled each one with rubble from your yard, said you’d never make a garden at your rate of progress, blah blah.  How she lined them up to be trashed in the public bins. The soil’s too heavy for a full sized carrier.  Has she always been at you like that , how you could have done better, still could, blah blah? I’m in the Arts Centre café if you need a break.  You know she’ll be like cherry pie to your man while you’re out, only nasty to you.


I press delete, re-do the text.

How’s your mother ?

Sandra Noel is a poet from Jersey, Channel Islands.  She has poems published in anthologies and on the buses in Guernsey. Seven of her latest poems have just been accepted by Dreich and Dragon Yaffle for upcoming anthologies.

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