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In Vein

Bethan Manley

my body has forgotten how to love

turned spinster-before-its-time

turned crazy-cat-lady-without-the-cats


blood turned tumbleweed

refuses monthly blood tests

I apologise for my body


arms like pin-prick cushions

bruise at the doctor’s apologies

I fall apart into latex-covered hands


thread me back together

with it’s-probably-just-hormones

send me on my way


with feet facing backwards

my footsteps defy me   end

in the same place I started


                         my body has forgotten how to love

                         turned cobwebs-where-my-lungs-once-were

                          turned I’ve-forgotten-my-name

                                         I think it’s I’m sorry


Bethan Manley is 24 and studied MA Critical and Creative Writing achieving a Distinction at the University of Gloucestershire. Her poetry has appeared in ‘Postcards from Malthusia,’ ‘Ink, Sweat & Tears’ and ‘Snakeskin.’ Her first poetry pamphlet Goodnight Cariad was published by Wildfire Words in September 2022.

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