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Moment of Glory

Alexis Rotella

The slick Duncan sales reps are in front of the candy store again

dazzling kids with their tricks. I scrape together 75 cents and invest

in a cherry red, rhinestone-studded yoyo, top of the line.


I start with the simple, boring up-and-down motion until my confidence

increases, which takes about a minute. I’m feeling pretty cool as I

work on mastering “walking the dog” and “elevator.” I’m on my way to

being the yoyo king. Kids stand aside as I attempt the “walk around

the world.” So self assured am I, the yoyo smacks me on the head. At

least I didn’t lose a tooth or worse yet, an eye.


                                          Empty pockets

                                          I lose

                                          my marbles 

Award winning poet, Alexis Rotella author of 40 books related mostly to Japanese Poetry Forms in English resides in Greensboro, NC where she practices classical acupuncture and hypnotherapy to help people access their creativity. She herself has embarked on a new course–abstract expressionism.

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