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Paired Corners

Poet: Rose Lennard

Sister, do you remember,

watching mum and dad perform the dance

of folding double bedsheets? I could

have watched forever and never tired.

And in my mind’s eye, the sheet

never gets smaller, so he and she

forever step together, tendering

their gifts of paired corners,

then step back, open wide their arms –

the clean white linen billowing

between them like angel wings –

and then the sheet drawn taut

with fine and practised precision

along smooth centrelines that both

agreed upon.

I thought that they would always know

which steps to take, which way

the cloth would fall.

Early photos of Rose show her up to her chin in flowers, and 5 decades later, not much has changed. A dancer, writer, environmental activist and lifelong gardener, she is often found creating ephemeral nature art in quiet corners of the countryside. Her poems often take shape on long walks, or in the small hours of the night, and have been published in a number of online magazines, including The Lake and Poetry Village.

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