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Question 3C. Discuss the following
statement: ‘A tree only makes a
sound in a forest if there is
somebody to hear it fall’. [6 marks]

Caroline Banerjee


Branched hands grow limp in tainted light,

Only so much reaching allowed.

The woman is withered by rain juice.


Photographs splinter,

Creases fold into trouser leg.

She breathes in emptiness like cracked paint.


Horizons are catching up with her,

The man reaches out a hand

only to find bottle tops,

moon dust,



End of Question. Please turn over.

Caroline Banerjee is a 24-year-old poet and creative from Brighton. In 2019, Banerjee was awarded the T.R. Henn Prize for her poetry, and her work was commended in Frosted Fire’s 2021 New Voices Competition. Her poem ‘Lessons’ was published in The Black Spring Press Group’s The Best New British and Irish Poets 2019-2021anthology (2021), and her work has featured inVersification Magazine, Aurelia Magazine, andWild Court Literary Journal, amongst others. Most recently, her poetry has been published in The String Magazine, and Free the Verse Poetry Journal,and she was deputy poetry editor of The Mays Literary Anthology (Varsity Publications, 2022). Banerjee is currently completing a PhD at City, University of London, under the supervision of Dr Hetta Howes, where she is investigating the political utility of Contemporary Medieval literature.

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