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St Mary's

Philip Rush

It is a thing

         of quiet

the Ampney Brook

         as it flows

past the church

         of St Mary


on the one hand

         water plants


         and various shades of green

some more translucent than others



on the other

         stone work sacred


         and the rough painted nave

of a medieval church

         which hunkers


down in its meadow

         like a

wicket keeper

         and indeed there is

a small gate

         between the churchyard


and the footpath

         to the brook

which is a thing

         of quiet.

Philip Rush lives in Stroud.  His poems have been in several British and Irish magazines and in anthologies from Carcanet, Bloodaxe and Seren. Philip thinks that poems help us to see the world in new ways and that the best poems help us to see ‘into the life of things’. The means at any poem’s disposal to achieve this end are almost infinitely broad. 

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