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Jerkers Udde

Caroline Harris

the arch the heel the archipelago of toes pressed between pine needles into
moss the phalanges – proximal middle distal – the sesamoid bones like humps
of granite rising from the Baltic this is how I make my transition in slips
over semi-sweetness a subtle frontier when I am used to the Atlantic slap

Caroline Harris is a writer, publisher and editor, and a poetic practice PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her pamphlets include SCRUB Management Handbook No.1 Mere (Singing Apple Press), Cut-out Bambi and Type Flight (Small Birds Press). Poems have appeared in anthologies, magazines and pamphlets including Finished Creatures, PERVERSE, Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology (Crested Tit Collective, 2020), with visual poetry on the Poem Atlas website.  

Twitter: @waitingfordeer & @carolineyolande

Instagram: @carolineyolande  

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