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Eley Furrell

It’s in the heavy stillness of night
that I would value company most.
When there's no one else abroad,
the silence hangs thick off my walls.
A cold, silver light spills
in and falls across my lap,
like the ghost of a dog;
a once loved friend,
resting his head on my knee.

When the only sound is the blood
in my veins, hands fairly thick with it,
and the clock ticks out
its rage to the room.
If I were to stand outside,
down in the street, I would hear it.
If I could only escape
the blanket of silence
two feet thick off my walls.

Eley Furrell writes muscular and engaged verse which holds spiritual beauty at arms length. He's been widely published in poetry anthologies including the Stroud Poets Series and the 'Wool and Water' collection published by Yew Tree Press. Both Eley and his partner Kim Baker can be heard reading on Corinium Radio
Eley runs The Ale House Poets in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.

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