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No Grave Regrets

Angela France

I want to browse in the stonemason’s yard,
cup the palm of my hand over the curve
of an angel’s wing, the smooth bulb of an urn.
I would trace my finger along the sharp valleys
of newly-chiselled Rest in Peace and Much Loved
Wife and Mother. I would watch my shifting
reflection in black marble, crouch to hold
a cold cherub in my arms, but tell
the suited salesman that I’m just looking.

My bones won’t rest in the ground.
Humerus and femur will hollow into wind chimes,
wrist and ankle bones make rattles for dark nights,
and the cap of my skull will catch light
on a windowsill, on a hill.

Angela France’s publications include ‘Occupation’ (2009), ‘Lessons in Mallemaroking’ (2011) and ‘Hide’ (2013). Her latest collection, The Hill came out in July 2017 with Nine Arches Press and has been developed into a live multi-media poetry show. Angela teaches creative writing at the University of Gloucestershire and in various community settings. She runs a reading series in Cheltenham, ‘Buzzwords’.

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