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The Sea Watchers dan-mall-1OVw9oKHH4A-unsplash.jpg

The Sea Watchers

Emilia Osbourne

Where did lighthouses begin?

Before bulbs could break the night

When fire pits were built

Reflected off strong metals sending signals to sea

Helping ships that weren’t yet run by technology

guiding warriors after battles


They’re mysterious things lighthouses

Who knows what the first light was made from?

A reflection of starlight

or the moon echoing off a mirror

Were they what first manned these stations?

A light that stretches across the oceans plains


Perhaps vampires first began this 

an easy way to catch sailors from a stormy night

Or could it have been pirates, the rulers of the sea

Is there something we don’t know?

Were they always used for what we thought?


Maybe the god of the seas didn’t live under the water

Were lighthouses shaped from Poseidon’s castle

A god’s power would explain the strength of light

How it manages to spread so far

Helping those lost in dunes of salt water


Over the years more towers of light have been built

Casting their strong glow through fog and mist

Used for mysterious stories of the seas

Who knows what happens on those isolated isles

Did keepers get lost to salted waves?

Did ghost ships ever kidnap any of them?


When is it that these houses peak

It is at the first breath of night?

The eye blinks to shed a golden light

casting a safe passage through the battleground

Through ravishing, hungry sea storms

Roaring like hundreds of hungry lions

Emilia Osborne is a third year student at the university of Gloucestershire currently doing a BA in Creative Writing, whilst working as an assistant teacher at Stagecoach performing arts. Since starting her degree, she has developed a passion for poetry, short stories and looking at modern feminist retellings from The Iliad and The Odyssey. Emilia hopes to go onto being a teacher whilst continuing her deep love for writing poetry, stories and plays.

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