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A Pilot's Ponderings

Poet: Shari Lane

A Still Life

Poet: DS Maolalai


Angela France


Liza Wolff-Francis


Allison Collins

Clootie Well

Poet: David Hale

Disappearing Act

Poet: Belinda Rimmer


Abigail Ottley

For the White-Haired Man Who Followed Me into a Cul-de-sac in the Dark Where I Was Making a Three Point Turn To Get Out of Your Car and Stand at my Window and Tell Me I Had Broken a One-Way Rule That Was Clearly Signposted and that I Was Lucky He Wasn't the Police and if He Had Been I Would Have Received a Fine and the Signs Were Clearly Visible and I Should Have Seen Them and I Had Gone the Wrong Way, For Whom the Words, Yes, Sorry, I Made a Mistake Were Not Enough:

Emily White


Jonathan Fletcher

Holy Week in the Big Apple

Alexis Rotella

I sit in the café, type a long text

Sandra Noel

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